This quick start demonstrates how to register a merchant using the PXP Financial Onboarding API.



See PAYMENT SERVICE V6 - MERCHANT ONBOARDING for details about the API endpoints.

Use Postman with Google Chrome to POST /merchants.


  • Authorization = Basic base64({username}:{password})
    * can be set automatically by the Authentication screen in Postman
    Select "Basic Auth" and use
    Username: PSTestOnboardingSystemUser
    Password: nNlNeM8kPrXTVBS
  • Content-Type = application/json
    • can be set automatically by using the Body screen in Postman

The below screen of Postman automatically creates the Authorization header:

Choose "Raw" and then application/json, which automatically sets the Content-Type header. The headers will finally look like this:

Paste in the Body field the JSON sample request which is provided and explained in the next sections: