Execute Payment Action

on existing payment, e.g. Cancel, Capture, Refund

After a payment has been initiated and successfully processed, PaymentService allows additional actions to be triggered on the payment via the executePaymentAction API (Backend2Backend Integration, see executePaymentAction). This is used for example in the following cases:


Custom actions

Transaction processing in PaymentService is fully based on configurable workflows with states, actions and transitions. There are a number of additional custom actions that can be defined and used by merchants for different payment methods.

1The merchant sends an executePaymentActionRequest (to Cancel or Capture).
2PaymentService will provide an executePaymentActionResponse with successful or unsuccessful results for the Merchant System to process.
3,4PaymentService will additionally send a handlePaymentStateChangedNotificationRequest which may be processed by the Merchant System in a centralized fashion as well.

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