Initiate New Payment (Frontend2Backend)

The Frontend2Backend integration option is characterized by direct data transfer from the user’s browser to PXP Financial's secure environment (via javascript/ajax & HTTPS POST), skipping the Merchant System. Even though this integration approach can be applied to different payment methods, it is of particular interest in the context of card deposits which is related to the requirements for PCI DSS Compliance.

Card deposits are subject to PCI DSS compliance, which requires that sensitive cardholder data is handled securely, i.e. the environments through which it passes are secure and PCI-DSS compliant. That is why instead of passing the payment data in the usual way (the so-called Backend2Backend integration):

User Browser –> Merchant System -> Payment Service -> Card Schemes

a shortcut (the so-called Frontend2Backend integration):

User Browser -> PaymentService

is taken for the cardholder data, with the payment initiation still following the standard process. The sections below explain how card deposit processing can be implemented with Frontend2Backend integration.


API v4

Please note that Frontend2Backend Integration is supported (only) by version 4 of the API.