Cancel Card Pre-Authorisations

Full Cancellation/Reversal of a Card Pre-Authorisation

In case the merchant is not intending to complete the authorisation and therefore no longer requires the amount to be held, the pre-authorisation must be cancelled to return the full amount to the customer’s card. This should be performed as soon as possible after the merchant is aware that it is not required to hold the amount any longer. The cancellation will be sent immediately and the funds will be available to the cardholder as soon as it is processed by their bank.

Full Cancellations of Card Pre-Authorisations can be done if the following preconditions are fulfilled:

  • The Pre-Authorisation payment was not yet cancelled, which means it is still in state AuthorisedByProvider (13).
  • There was no partial capture (successfully) done for this Card Pre-Authorisation payment.

If the above conditions are met, a Card Pre-Authorisation can be fully cancelled by using the executePaymentAction with actionID = 1 (Cancel) . Any amount sent in this request will be ignored and a full cancellation is done.

In the case of a full cancellation of a card pre-authorisation, the original card-preauthorisation payment will be cancelled and the new payment state will be Cancelled (113).

Example executePaymentActionRequest for a full cancellation of a card pre-authorisation:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<executePaymentActionRequest xmlns=""

Example executePaymentActionResponse for for a full cancellation of a card pre-authorisation:

<executePaymentActionResponse xmlns="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
		<result xsi:type="keyStringValuePair">