PaymentService exposes a number of payment methods through a unified interface/API to the merchant. The payment methods can be grouped based on how funds are transferred:

  • Card Payments
  • Card Payments (Local Schemes, Virtual Cards)
  • Online Bank Transfers
  • Offline Bank Transfers
  • Wallet Payments
  • Pre-pay/Voucher Payments
  • Post-pay/Invoice Payments
  • Direct Debit Payments
  • Mobile Payments
  • POS Payments

Furthermore, depending on the technical flow and interactions between user, merchant, PXP Financial and payment provider the methods can be categorized into:

  • synchronous
  • redirect
  • offline.

The following sections describe how to trigger a payment with every single payment method supported by PaymentService. Depending on how funds are transferred, and how merchant, PXP Financial and the payment provider interact with each other there will be specific details to be sent in the getRedirectDataRequest.redirectParameters.additionalDetails (Redirect Integration) or in initiatePaymentRequest.specificPaymentData and in the initiatePaymentRequest.specificPaymentAccountData, as well as specific states to be received in handlePaymentStateChangedNotification and initiatePaymentResponse (Backend2Backend Integration).

What’s Next

Interaction Types