Fast Onboarding


"Fast Onboarding" feature not yet supported

The fast onboarding feature is not yet supported by PXP Financial. Please contact your account manager for further information.

In case a merchant fulfills certain criteria (low risk), the merchant can qualify for a Fast Onboarding with PXP Financial.

Fast Onboarding means that as soon as the merchant data and all documents have been posted successfully against the PXP Financial onboarding API, the merchant will be immediately sent for activation in the PXP Processing system and can start processing payments after a couple of hours.


Merchant activation for processing

Merchant activation happens twice a day automatically in the PXP Financial System, around noon and 5pm GMT.

The underwriting activity is done only after the merchant was sent for processing activation (compared to a normal onboarding where the underwriting has to be done before the merchant is activated for processing).


No merchant settlement until underwriting is completed

No settlement will be done for a merchant that follows the fast onboarding process unless the underwriting was successfully completed (usually within 24 hours).

Merchant Criteria to qualify for Fast Onboarding

PXP Financial classifies a merchant as low risk and allows the fast onboarding process if the following criteria is fulfilled:

  • The Partner is allowed to do Fast Onboarding (backend configuration in the PXP system).
  • The Merchant Category Code (MCC) is classified as low risk (the PXP Financial Risk Team can provide the current set of MCCs on demand). Parameter: merchantCategoryCode
  • The estimated monthly volume is below 10.000 (EUR or GBP). Parameter: estimatedMonthlyVolumeInEUR
  • The average transaction amount is below 100 (EUR or GBP). Parameter: averageAmountPerTransactionInEUR
  • The fraud and chargeback ratios for the last 3 months are below 0,5%. Parameters: fraudRatiosByPreviousMonths and chargebackCountRatiosByPreviousMonths
  • No person in the merchants company is listed as PEP (Politically Exposed Person). Parameter: isAnyRelatedPersonListedOnPEP or isListedOnPEP.

Fast onboarding within a couple of minutes - "5 minutes onboarding"

PXP Financial will support a very fast onboarding for low risk merchants soon. It will then be possible to have a new merchant (low risk only!) active for processing within a few minutes only.


No Clearing of Card transactions until merchant is fully active

Unless the merchant is fully activated in the PXP Financial Processing system, transactions cannot be sent for clearing with the schemes. Merchant activation happens twice a day automatically, around noon and 5pm GMT.