Payment Service v6 is a REST/JSON Web API that supports additional functionality like merchant onboarding.


Merchant Onboarding Guides

A detailed documentation about the usage of the PXP Financial Merchant Onboarding Service
can be found here.

Requests should be performed using HTTP GET, POST, PUT, with payload in JSON format, e.g.:

POST /payment-service/v6/merchants HTTP/1.1
Host: api.test.kalixa.com:443
Basic-Authorization: xxxxxxxx
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: xxxxx

	"dateOfClosing": "2009-08-23 05:40:18"


Request Timeout

The partner system has to make sure to allow a processing time of at least 120 seconds for each merchant registration.
The automated risk checks and communication with external services during the registration can take up to 120 seconds in the PXP Financial Onboarding System.
A re-try should be done only after 120 seconds to avoid duplicate merchant registrations.


These are the test and live endpoint URLs to communicate with the Onboarding API:


Username: PSTestOnboardingSystemUser
Password: nNlNeM8kPrXTVBS


Live credentials need to be requested from [email protected].



HTTP Headers

Please set the following HTTP headers:

  • content: application/json
  • Authorization: Basic Username:Password

The Username:Password pair needs to be Base64 encoded.

Example for building the Authorization header:

The default credentials on Test are:
Username: PSTestOnboardingSystemUser
Password: nNlNeM8kPrXTVBS

Step 1: Concatenate the credentials.
This will result in PSTestOnboardingSystemUser:nNlNeM8kPrXTVBS

Step 2: Base64 encode this value.
You can use this website: https://www.base64encode.org/
This will result in the value UFNUZXN0T25ib2FyZGluZ1N5c3RlbVVzZXI6QUJDMTIz

Step 3: Build the final value
Concatenate the words Basic + the hashed value from the previous step. Note the space between the word Basic and the hash.
This results in Basic UFNUZXN0T25ib2FyZGluZ1N5c3RlbVVzZXI6QUJDMTIz

If you test using an external tool, it is recommended to use Postman, which is available as stand-alone tool or browser plugin.


The full YAML file which can be pasted in the left-hand part of the Swagger Editor can be downloaded here:
JSON Onboarding Contract