API Credentials

Every Merchant will obtain credentials for connecting to the Test and Production PXP Financial Payment Service endpoints. The credentials must be passed in the Basic Authorization HTTP header, e.g.

POST /PaymentRedirectionService/PaymentService.svc/pox/initiatePayment HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxx
Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: xxxxx

<initiatePaymentRequest ...

The value xxxxxxxxxxxx is calculated as per the HTTP Specification and is a simple base64 encoded version of username:password where username and password are the credentials received from the PXP Financial Accept Integration Team.

Merchant Identification

Every Merchant must send additionally a merchantID parameter in every request to the PXP Financial Payment Service.

Fixed IP Addresses

The Merchant has to provide fixed IP addresses of its TEST and LIVE environments in order to get access to the PXP Financial Payment Service test/production endpoints.
The IP address from which PXP Financial Payment Service is invoked as well as the IP address which PXP Financial Payment Service contacts in relation to the notifications should be supplied.