Error Handling

PXP Financial Payment Service will return a paymentServiceException message in case an unexpected error occurs. For example, an initiatePaymentRequest message is answered with an initiatePaymentResponse in case of successful execution, and with a paymentServiceException message if the call experienced validation or technical errors. The client application must be able to parse the paymentServiceException message and react accordingly to the error returned.

Example paymentServiceException message with errorCode=202:

<paymentServiceException xmlns:xsd="" 
  <errorMessage>Shop with ID 'XXXX' was not found for merchant with ID 'YYYY'.</errorMessage>

Example paymentServiceException message with errorCode=800:

<paymentServiceException xmlns:xsd="" 
  <errorMessage>Error validating request against:

    !InnerException: The element 'initiatePaymentRequest' in namespace '' has invalid child element 'merchantTransactionID' in namespace ''. List of possible elements expected: 'shopID' in namespace ''.</errorMessage>

Example paymentServiceException message with errorCode=205:

<paymentServiceException xmlns:xsd="" 
  <errorMessage>Currency with code 'JUR' was not found.</errorMessage>

The list with possible error codes is below:

Error CodeReason
100A general validation error occurred. For details see message field of the paymentServiceException
201The specified merchant was not found.
202The specified shop was not found.
203The specified use was not found.
204The specified country was not found.
205The specified currency was not found.
206The specified language was not found.
207The specified payment method was not found.
208The payment account was not found.
209The payment was not found.
210The payment limit was not found.
211The Payment Recurrence was not found
212The VAN (Virtual Account Number, usually used for Offline Bank Transfer Deposits) was not found.
213The payment batch type was not found.
301The user has been already registered.
302The user has been already registered.
303The payment account has been already registered.
309The currency provided is not allowed, e.g. currency for a refund is not equal to the currency of the original payment.
401The provided username and/or password in the BasicAuthentication header are wrong
500A technical error occurred while processing the request.
501The payment account is not valid.
502The credit card number has a wrong format or number is not valid for the payment method’s card scheme or CVC not provided.
503The specified credit card has been expired.
504Not all necessary fields for processing the request have been provided.
505The currency provided is not supported by the PXP Financial Payment Service.
506Currency was not provided.
600Permission denied.
700The payment action is not allowed for the current state the payment is.
800Schema validation error. The request is not valid according to the xml schema.
900Invalid credentials. The provided username and/or password are wrong.
903An argument was out of allowed range.
1002The provided amount is incorrect.
1003The supplied original payment is not valid.
1004Invalid Payment Method
1005The Payment Recurrence cannot be stopped.
1006The bank account data could not be retrieved.
1007Missing user detail
1008Invalid email token
1009Partner not found.
1010Partner update error
1011The partner is already registered.
1012Invalid AVS data
1013User email is null.
1014Mismatch between merchant and shop
1015Provider technical error
1016Missing parameter
1017Not supported transaction type
1018Not supported Transaction Plan type
1019Not supported Schedule Unit
1020Not supported Payment Provider
1021Invalid Transaction Plan interval
1022Invalid Transaction Plan count
1030The MID for the merchant was not found.
1031Cancel Action is not allowed.
1033The Voucher was not found.

See paymentServiceException for additional information.