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Mastercard transaction

I have noted two withdrawals from my account - the first 12.12.19 fro $3.29 (reference PXP-misinv.com 09)- which I erroneously made without realising there would be further debits. As I received no information or product after this withdrawal I realised this was not above board. A second withdrawal on 31.12.19 of $37.57 (reference PXP-misinv.com 27) has taken place. I have spoken to my bank and they advised I made contact. This seems the only way to make contact. I would like any future withdrawals to cease forthwith and refunds of both $3.29 and $37.57 to occur. I would appreciate a reply to this message.

transaction money

Hey! I have logged into my internet bank and see that you have taken 21 crowns ( Swedish crown) on Saturday 23 August and 940 crowns on Thursday 29 August. I have not ordered anything through you. Wonder why did you take money?


Hi, Why REDIRECTDEPOSITFILTER for DirectEbanking is not working? How can I filter the transactions per IBAN/Bank account number? Thank you

Servebase URL

I see in https://developer.kalixa.com/docs/hosted-payment-pages mentions: Intelligent 3-D Secure: The Checkout supports 3-D Secure 1.0 at present, with 3-D Secure 2.0 coming soon. Once 3-D Secure 2.0 is supported, PXP will automatically use the 3-D Secure version supported by the card issuer to maximise approval rates and ensure liability protection for the merchant, which will be invisible to the card holder. Please can you confirm that applies if you are still pointing to a servebase endpoint for a hosted payment page?

Error Code 313 : Payment method with ID 167 was blocked

Hello, we get error code 313 from the API response when we use Kalixa gateway. Your documentation does not mention what 313 means, Can you specify please?

Hello, do you have documentation regarding adding SCA compliance to an existing PXP website payment gateway integration?

This being part of the PSD2 EU directive - https://stripe.com/gb/guides/strong-customer-authentication Thanks

API with support for UTF-8

Hi, Is your api supporting UTF-8 for fields like userId, firstname, lastname? <userID>Florian-Hölker</userID> <userData> <firstname>Florian</firstname> <lastname>Hölker</lastname> </userData> Cheers, Liviu